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I need a ball/cock valve replaced for my secondary water hookup located in my driveway.

Sue M

I need service for removing my existing toilet and installing a new bidet toilet Biobidet IB835. I already have electrical outlet, just need the plumbing hook up.

Alice L

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Plumbing - Plumbing Questions
1.90 Shower membrane installation before tile?

Q. I cut a chase in sub-floor to change plumbing from a tub to a shower, i covered sub-floor with 1/4 durarock,then cement for a solid base,morter mix to slope floor towards drain i was then going to install a membrane when customers tile installer said it had to be removed and replaced that i installed it incorrectly. It was my understanding that after the membrane he was to install thinset over membrane and then tile ? can someone please help answer my questions i still am not sure if i made any mistakes i was trying to ensure a good base for durable longevity

A. The membrane goes behind the durock, and under the mortar bed, the idea is that the membrane holds all the water in and is the last defense between the wood and durock/mortar bed, thinset wont bond to the membrane, it is meant to be attached to concrete of some form whether durock or the mortar bed...putting a membrane in between will keep the the thinset from attaching properly and in turn would cause a horrible tile job, you will need to rip out everything you did and start over from the frame work, dont be surprised if this customer doesn't call you back for anymore work. i would suggest hiring a sub-contractor who knows how to do the job properly and eat the cost if you want to maintain any kind of reputation. and dont take jobs that you aren't 100% sure you know how to do. i dont suggest shoving the membrane under the mortar bed or making an attempt to "make" it work...if its not done right and it leaks you can face a law suit for future water damage because of poor installation of membrane. It has to be done right.

1.20 How do I do decorative exposed plumbing?

Q. I'd like to add decorative exposed copper plumbing to my bathroom (for a funky industrial feel) but I have no resources to reference! Does anyone know where I can find some? Thanks!

A. I've seen the look you're after and it's pretty flash here a couple of sites, although one is in black and white you'll get the idea of what is possible using exposed copper plumbing. www.vintageplumbing.com/ This other site has a few of the fittings you'll need to get it down. http://www.bizrate.com/plumbingsupplies/products__keyword--plumbing+copper+cross.html I tried answering your mail but it came back? anyway it's right now. Edit: Now this one isn't working, you're going to have to copy and paste the URL to get there, I have no idea whats happening here.

1.20 Adding a basement bath, anyone know any websights with good plumbing diagrams?

Q. I can't find any good diagrams/photos on basement plumbing, below slab. I know about vents, slopes and tying in. I just want to see diagrams. Thanks in advance.

A. Did you check with Lowes or Home Depot? They usually help people out with diagrams of kitchen and bathrooms. When we put our bathroom in our basement, we had to build a platform for the plumbing to fit under. Good Luck.....Wish I could help more.

1.20 We are looking for a good name for our new plumbing company. Esp. ones that start at the top of the alphabet?

Q. We would love some good ideas. Thank you all!

A. A to Z Plumbing. We have all the answers for your plumbing needs.

1.20 How do i get started in plumbing?

Q. I'm a 20 year old female that is currently in a dead end factory job. I want to get into the plumbing industry but don't know where to start with courses, apprenticeships, learning at home and everything that is on offer now. If anyone has done this or knows someone that has, or if anyone knows of any companies that take on apprentices it would be really helpful. Especially if anyone knows of any female plumbing companies.

A. Forget it! there's no work for plumbers never mind apprentices. firms all over the uk are goin out of buisness or shortening there workload so id stay away for a couple of years. dont listen to people who say woman cant be plumbers etc... half the guys i work with would be better of in a tutu!

1.20 Where can I purchase a plumbing tool?

Q. I have a regular snake type of plumbing tool, is there something similar but electric and not too pricy? yes i know i know home depot has it.... but is there any other place...?

A. Home depo

1.20 What kind of contractor to repair fungus on subfloor?

Q. I was told I have water damage to the subfloor under my toilet. I assume that means pipes and/or toilet fixtures that are leaking, which once located will need repairing, plus replacing the wood subfloor where damaged. Do I need a water damage specialist, plumbing contractor, wood floor contractor? I have no idea, but can't handle too many different contractors....

A. Get yourself a handy man that can do many jobs instead of paying 2 sometimes 3 diff contractors i suggest you do that but if your talking about fungus please be careful with that depending on the issue you have and depends on what Chems get into that fungus you might have to get an inspector to check that out... please don't keep inhaling that stuff it's no good.

1.20 Spray insulation under a home without basement.?

Q. I would like to get some basic cost for sprayed insulation for under my home. I do not have a basement and would like to add a layer of insulation to the floor space. Is there a cost per sq ft. that i could get an idea before calling a local company. Sometimes a gal can get a bad deal.

A. Hi Just, Ranger is absolutely, dead-on-correct about the sprayed (closed cell) insulation. Anyone who thinks fiberglass is the best choice for a cellar-less home better get used to freezing floors, insects EVERYWHERE and sleeping with mice every night. No other choice can even come close to the advantages of a spray-applied, seamless insulation. There are always pro's and con's with any choice, so here's how I see it: PRO's: -Value of your home will remain high or even increase, and VERY attractive to any knowledgeable buyers. -"Wildlife" will be DRAMATICALLY reduced. -Your comfort level will SOAR. -Because it's not being applied in an area where it must be "screeted" level with the face of the floor joists (like studs when sheetrock will be applied over it), it will mean MUCH less work for the applicators. This means it will cost less. Make SURE you discuss this fact with the guy or gal that comes out to quote the job so everyone will visualize the same job! CON'S: -Once applied, it makes changes/updates of the mechanicals (electrical/plumbing/HVAC) more difficult. Keep in mind though, that you can re-insulate the area(s) you've worked on with Great Stuff Insulation in a can. -Inspecting anything against the bottom of the home will be nearly impossible once covered. I suggest taking LOTS of HIGH QUALITY digital pictures of the under side of the floor before doing it, and mark important mechanicals well with long plastic wire-ties (White for cold water lines, Red for hot water lines and Black for electric) that hang below the insulation to make them easy to find/repair if and when it's needed. -

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